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Monday, February 10, 2014
ToolBank Disaster Services Launches Mobile Response
By kevin.lynch @ 2:38 PM :: 3998 Views
Today, ToolBank USA is launching a mobile unit to deploy to disaster sites and extend the ToolBank model to any place in the nation that is struck by disaster. Nine ToolBanks across the U.S. have joined ToolBank USA to create a massive tool lending resource that ensures nonprofits and their volunteers have access to the tools they need without spending precious donated dollars to buy, store and maintain them. The UPS Foundation has expanded its investment in the ToolBank network of nonprofit tool lending programs to encompass this new disaster recovery service.

ToolBank Disaster Services lends tools to nonprofit organizations that are actively providing front-line response and recovery services following a disaster. The mobile unit contains large volumes of basic tools that can be used in nearly any type of disaster event, with higher quantities of tool types geared for demolition, mucking, clean-up, debris removal, and personal protection. Like traditional ToolBanks, tools are not loaned to individuals, but instead to nonprofits that are approved before deployment.

The ToolBank model of lending tools and equipment to nonprofit organizations allows America’s charities to focus on their mission, not on equipment. The creation of ToolBank Disaster Services extends this valued service to those organizations leading disaster recovery efforts. “Ours is a nation in which there is an almost limitless capacity to serve others and recover in the times of greatest need,” said ToolBank USA CEO Mark Brodbeck. “For two decades the ToolBank has helped in a localized capacity, and now with the support of UPS and others, we are gearing up to expand our reach to anywhere disaster strikes.”

The mobile ToolBank is housed at a warehouse just west of the Atlanta airport. UPS has committed to transporting the mobile ToolBank anywhere in U.S. within 72 hours. Existing ToolBanks currently lend tools in Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, and Cincinnati. Houston, Portland, Phoenix, Richmond and Chicago ToolBanks are currently under development.

Download the press release here.

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