Wednesday, October 21, 2020

ToolBank 101

What is a ToolBank?

A ToolBank® is a local nonprofit organization affiliated with ToolBank USA that stewards a vast inventory of actual tools for use by charities to advance their missions, increase impact, and reduce costs.  Available tool inventory includes cordless drills, ladders, rakes and shovels, circular saws and paint trays, and MUCH more.  Through quick and reliable access to large quantities of high-quality tools, each ToolBank transforms volunteerism in its area!  ToolBank tools are not available for use by individuals; the ToolBank is a resource for the charitable sector.   

How does the ToolBank work?
Where did the ToolBank originate?
What is ToolBank USA?
Can individuals use ToolBank tools?
How does ToolBank USA decide where to build ToolBanks?
What does ToolBank USA provide in the startup process?
Is a ToolBank the same as a tool library?
I have a lot of tools, and want to start a ToolBank.  What now?
Is the term "ToolBank" a trademark?
Does ToolBank USA sell or lease its tool tracking software?
I want to lend tools to individuals.  Will ToolBank USA help me?
Can I include a ToolBank as a program within my organization?
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