Tuesday, September 29, 2020

ToolBank 101

The national ToolBank network is comprised of ToolBank USA (the parent organization) and a network of affiliates called ToolBanks. The ToolBank network shares the ToolBank mission, and increases the value and impact of volunteerism, through the following avenues:

  Infrastructure & Bandwidth

  Immediate 501C3 designation by ToolBank USA 
  A custom, state-of-the-art, cloud-based online tool tracking software system 
  Scalable core business systems leveraged by ToolBank USA
  Website hosting service
  Email and MS Exchange administration
  Online credit card donation processing
  Training & Advocacy
  Annual and ongoing training opportunities 
  Decades of ToolBank experience
  45+ years of non-profit experience, offering continued support and advocacy
  Provision of executive staffing during startup phase
  Peer learning from “best practices” shared throughout the ToolBank network
  Startup & Ongoing Resources
  Startup funding
  National funding partnerships and key introductions
  Fundraising tools, including sample proposals proven successful in other markets
  Local prospect research and consultation
  Nationwide in-kind donation pooling; inventory expansion resources
  The Innovation Fund - a competitive foundation for ToolBanks
  Proven, thorough operations manual
  Communications Support
  National branding & marketing
  Local public relations and special event assistance


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