Our team at ToolBank USA had the pleasure of helping our friends at The Mission Continues with their Operation Enduring Service. Operation Enduring Services is a campaign that brings together veteran volunteer groups to honor the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. 

Projects started in July in two communities in Chicago, IL. ToolBank tools assisted The Mission Continues volunteers in Yollocalli and with the Enlace La Calabazas Community Garden. From Chicago, the group moved onto Los Angeles, CA in August and worked on projects that included building outdoor furniture, painting, and landscaping at the Wanda A. Mikes Early Education Center. 

After Los Angeles, the team moved onto New York City in September. Volunteers equipped with ToolBank blue tools tackled projects not far from Ground Zero in Sunset Park and at the September 11 Living Memorial Grove. In October, we continued our work with the veteran lead volunteer groups in Dallas, TX. The group served at VOA Texas Riverside Substance Abuse and Treatment Facility by painting, pressure washing, creating a walking path, and building benches and picnic tables. 

Finally, Operation Enduring Service concluded in November in Washington, DC. Volunteers and our ToolBank team helped support DC schools through a variety of community service projects that included – but not limited to – area beautification, improvements to recreation and learning spaces, community gardens, and mentorship through positive action. The volunteers also partners with the National Parks Service and National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) throughout the District of Columbia. The goal of these projects was to tackle deferred maintenance and improve visibility and accessibility of the parks for veterans, military families and local residents.

Being able to help The Mission Continues in 5 different cities across the US has been an honor for our team at ToolBank USA. Veteran lead volunteer groups with blue handled tools from our mobile trailers is a dream come true for our ToolBankers. We look forward to providing many more tools for the volunteers at The Mission Continues and can’t wait to see what projects they have on their agenda next!

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