Check out this informative video featuring a discussion with our ToolBank USA's CEO, Patty Russart, on The Nonprofit Show.

The conversation explores the intersection of innovation and leadership, highlighting ToolBanks’ operations, and their profound utility for nonprofit organizations. Patty elaborates on ToolBank’s “business-to-business” model, which exclusively caters to nonprofits and charitable organizations. She explains that nonprofits can easily access a vast array of tools for their projects by borrowing them online and collecting them from the nearest ToolBank location at a significantly lower cost.
Throughout the interview, Patty emphasizes that ToolBanks offers more than just traditional tools like hammers and shovels. She notes that ToolBank USA has over 900 different tool types in their inventory, including event equipment and sophisticated machinery like mulchers. This diversity enables ToolBank USA to transcend traditional limitations and cater to a larger audience.
Patty highlights ToolBank’s community engagement and collaboration as a key growth strategy. She cites the example of local initiatives, such as Birmingham’s Magic City ToolBank, which secured funding through a city grant, demonstrating the grassroots support required for expansion.
Patty also sheds light on ToolBank’s Disaster Services program, which provides essential tools and resources during crises. She emphasizes the pivotal role played by ToolBank in such scenarios.
The discussion also explores the operational mechanics involved in establishing ToolBank affiliates in new communities. Patty outlines the criteria, including community need, warehouse space availability, and funding, emphasizing ToolBank’s commitment to facilitating rapid expansion while ensuring sustainability.
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